Wondering What To Pack For Your Hostel, Then This Will Help You Out



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List of things "must to pack" for your hostel:


Laptop / tablet and ATM card:



You can not always go to the computer and you need to go to the computer. for that. It will also help you to stay connected with your friends and family.


ATM card is must, if you are out of cash or urgently in need of cash. PAYTM, PHONE PAY, etc. PAYTM, PHONE PAY etc. Also many sites will not accept cash on hand. 



Cash in hand:



You can not find any cash in the hand. Like when you are traveling in a car, you need cash, how much, how much, how much, how much you can get. Make your move economical by hiring us, because Packers and Movers Hyderabad Price Quotes are based on in-house estimation.



Your hostel may have a generator, but what if it is with you? I do not think so; it will work for longer period. You do not know when you need this, so it's not bad to carry torch while #Moving in a hostel.


Carry stationery goods with you:


It's not doubtful that you can get a stationery shop near your hostel or college, but still there is no bad in carrying stationery goods with you. If you prefer to use some particular pen, then you can not find it in your pocket.

Carry your extra bedding:

Ya! Your hostel will be provided with bed sheets and pillow covers, but you do not know when they are last washed and how hygienic it is, so just carry 3-4 bed sheets with its covers, also do not blanket without which you can not fall asleep.

Medicine and first aid box: 

Our body can not adapt the new environment so easily, you can not get rid of it. Make a organized first aid box for your moving with all the necessary things like dettol, savlon, cotton, thermometer, band aid, crepe bandage, medicines for indigestion, headache etc.

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